Renate Gaisser

installation : broken arc

Memorial to the Men and Women Victimized by the Persecution of Homosexuals in the Nazi Era
Competition in Vienna, Austria

broken arc

The memorial consists of a 2,40 m wide and 2,90 m high arch segment. Dark granite slabs set flush into the floor indicate the ground plan oft the imaginary complete arch.

During the Nazi era, homosexuals were excluded, persecuted, tortured and killed. Human unity was destroyed, the all-encompassing arc shattered. This is symbolized by the arch segment with its fragmentary charakter.

At the same time, the arch segment stands as sign of hope, defiant resilience, the secret knowledge of an ideal whole.

The memorial stands as an outstanding sign in ist own right, but can also be used temporarily: The white marble surface oft he segment arch is ideal for light installations.

In terms of urban planning, the monument takes up the arch theme of both the „turtle necks“ and the domed roof of the Karlsplatz subway station and in this way integrates harmoniously into the surroundings.

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Renate Gaisser Malerei, Installation