Renate Gaisser

installation : memorial to deserters in Stuttgart

art competition
memorial to deserters, Stuttgart, 1997
1st prize

Project description

This project comprises light fixtures embedded in the ground. In an area of 3,60 x 3,60 m ground recessed luminaires are arranged in rows and columns together with stainless steel discs.
The 8 columns correspond to the 8 graphic symbols of the binary code in the computer language. Each ground recessed luminaire symbolizes the „1“ and a stainless steel disc the „0“ of the binary code. For example the letter „D“ defined in the binary code by the string „01000100“ is represented by a row of 2 lights and 6 steel discs. Together, the 15 rows display the words: „DEN DESERTEUREN“ (to deserters). The rectangular area will be covered with dark granite, to distinguish the object from the surrounding concrete slabs.
Urbanistically this concept attempts to find a solution without traditional space-filling three-dimensional objects that compete with numerous other memorials and neighbouring street furniture. The light object is not intended to displace public space but to create its own space of light to improve the urban environment.
Light is employed as main element of design consciously relaying on the symbolism of light. Light represents memory and commemoration and peace (chain of lights, sea of lights). Light is a sign of protest against violence and it signifies positive human forces.
This memorial conveys the impression of immateriality in absence of physical pathos.

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Renate Gaisser Malerei, Installation