Renate Gaisser

installation : nativity play

In the exhibition of the cultural center
Zehntscheuer Rottenburg am Neckar
Nativity Plays
29.11.2017 – 07.01.2018

nativity play
game of cards consisting of
47 dark playing cards with a crib and
one white playing card with a crib and a star

Rules of the game
The nativity play is based on the idea oft the parlour game „Trip to Jerusalem“ (musical chairs).
A number of cards equal to the number of participating players are laid on the table face down.
The white card with the star is among the dark cards.
The person who draws this card is eliminated from the game.
One dark card is removed and the next round starts.
The remaining player is the winner.

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Renate Gaisser Malerei, Installation